Goodbye boring. HELLO FUN!

A CHARLEEJACK Party Package is a brand new reason to
have a birthday or team party!  Great for kids!



Your friendly consultant will set up a designated shopping link for you and your guests. Each guest will place their order online where they will personalize their sign by selecting either a 12″ round or 12″ square board, an image to paint from over 50 choices, a font for their name, and colors for their stain, paint and vinyl. Orders must be submitted at least 2 weeks before your Party Package Experience date.


Although you can’t put a price on FUN, this Party Package is a steal at $250 (shipping included!)
Your Party Package will include 10 signs + 1 free sign for the birthday child. The Fun Factor is that each guest will leave with a made-by-them, personalized sign.
Approx. Time 1-2 hours


Your friendly consultant will use step-by-step instructions to walk the guests through the process of assembling their signs. This easy process includes using a stencil to paint their initial, then applying their name, which is printed in vinyl, over the initial. Your consultant will even attach a hook to the back of the sign once it is completed.

Find a consultant & start planning your own CJD Party Package Experience

Easy to Create

  • 11 signs in the package
  • Signs are 12″round or 12″ square- each guest gets to choose!
  • Each guest selects their own colors & image to paint
  • Easy steps to follow – guided by a friendly consultant
  • Laughter, friendship & fun

All Smiles!

  • A memorable experience for everyone
  • CJD TIP: Have every guest use a sharpie to sign their name on the back of each sign to make the experience extra personable

Word on the Street:

“My daughter had so much fun creating her sign. What a fun idea for a birthday party!”

– Jenn, Mom of party attendee

“What an easy birthday party to host!  The consultant did everything and I love that each girl took home a keepsake!”

–  Jamie, CJD Party Package Host

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